“I don’t want 1000 pieces; my company will only use 500!” “I need the pieces in bags of 5 for this project.” “It’s a hassle remembering to place a purchase order every month for the same item.” “Time is being wasted kitting these items, and wasted time holds down production.” “My company would have to spend a small fortune in tooling for us to complete these harnesses for our customer.” 

“Customer service” is held in the highest regard by many, many large and small companies. It has been studied, analyzed, and implemented in all the best companies.

Service is a personal matter. It’s impossible to “please all the people all the time.” Some customers value knowledge, some friendliness, some price, some availability, some variety, etc.

What is it that separates great companies from the rest? They ASK their customers what they want. Studying the gathered input from their customers can change the course/approach a company takes.

I have overheard buyers complain of not being able to fulfill a specific need within their company. They ask other buyers or search the Internet. Why don’t they ASK their company’s preferred vendors?

Vendors are committed to helping.

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Summer is here, so is the heat!  I’m looking forward to vacation and enjoying my family, friends and gardens (one of my hobbies and sources of joy).  In the summer I’m sure you do to, but I like to live to relax! As days get longer and hotter, and as I prepare to take vacation, preparations need to be made for my absence.

I get frenzied about last minute details, the pressure to complete projects, the thought of returning to a muddled mess!  Panic sets in, and I ask myself, “Did I remember everything?”

Does any of this sound familiar?

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When To Consider Freight Costs: Buying Locally is Not Just For Produce.

Every business—whether it’s a small home business or one of the largest corporations—makes purchases. Types of purchases vary. They may be simple office supplies and janitorial supplies, or long lists of raw materials for manufacturing processes.

Every dollar spent in the purchasing process is a dollar invested in the company finances. A careless purchase for unnecessary product is money wasted, money gone, and money to the red side of your ledger. Any dollar saved through smart purchasing is a dollar in your bank. It goes directly to the bottom line of profit.

To be successful at purchasing, you must consider all costs of acquiring materials—no matter what they are. Does driving 20 miles out of your way make sense to save a dollar on one item? No. Does it make sense to buy in bulk? Maybe or maybe not!

Buying large, unnecessary quantities of an item usually lowers the per item price, but it doesn’t save money if your company needs a specific limited quantity of that item and the remaining quantities sit unused on a warehouse shelf.  Money was uselessly spent in this case. It is wasted due to labor in material handling and in cluttering valuable storage space. Eventually the leftover items are outdated, scrapped, or sold at a loss. The purchaser (although looking good in the beginning for getting a “bargain”) has ultimately lost money for the company.

Another consideration that many purchasing agents seem to forget is the freight cost for acquiring an item. Unless it is a letter sent through the US mail, the farther an item ships the more it generally costs. Also, the heavier an item is, the more it costs to ship to you. Many purchasers are reluctant to spend a bit more on an item and save double the dollars on freight. Interesting!

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