Electrical Connectors, Terminals, Adapters and Ferrules

Pilgrim Electronics carries a wide-ranging selection of wire terminations for your every need.

The selection of electrical contacts is varied. See below.

The broader categories of terminals include Rings, Forks and Butt splices. These are sized to the wire guage being used and may be insulated (partially or fully) or non-insulated. Nylon, PVC, heat shrink and Kynar are the more common types of insulation. Panduit Corporation has a selection of metric-sized terminals.

Disconnects are also referred to as spade terminals or quick disconnects. These may be non-insulated, partially insulated or fully insulated. They have a male and female configuration. Right angle and piggy-back, 300 and 600 volt rating styles are available.

Pins and sockets are commonly used to terminate wires. They vary in sizes and platings (gold, silver, tin, nickel, brass) depending on your use. Pins and sockets are sold in loose pieces or on a reel. Housings vary by shape, size, number of positions, and gender.

Cable connectors are widely used today. They include RF (coax), Cinch, D-sub, DIN, edge (ribbon) types. Connection methods are push-in, twist-on, solder and crimp. If you need assembly help check our Value Added services.