Solder & Solder Tools

Professional or Do-It-Yourselfer: We have your Soldering Solution

Depending on your soldering job, the tools and tips as well as the temperature will vary. Fine work such as on circuit boards will require lower temperatures, finer tips and thinner solder while coarser work will require higher temperatures, larger tips and thicker solder. Pilgrim Electronics has a variety of tools, tips and solder available.

We stock many accessories to improve your soldering whether you solder professionally or only occasionally. Clamps, magnifying glasses, solder wicks, solder suckers and fume extractors are just some of the more common accessories.

So if you require Lead-free solders (solid, flux-core & bars), soldering fluxes & pastes, soldering irons & stations, soldering tips, DE soldering tools or solder pots, give us a call today. If you need help for your jobs and assembly work see our Value Added services.