Wire Management

Cable Ties, Tapes & Wraps, Heat Shrink, Lacing Cord and Duct, Ready to Ship

Nylon cable ties in hundreds of different combinations of sizes and styles, including weatherproof, lashing, steel-barb, super-grip, marker and flag ties. Polypropylene, Tefzel, Halar and stainless steel ties also available, along with assorted compatible mounting and securing devices. Tapes and wraps range from various electrical tapes to ultra-thin mounting tape to clear or black polyethylene UV-resistant spiral wire wrap.

Heat shrink, Teflon & PVC tubing:

Heat shrink in an abundance of diameters and colors protects and/or identifies wire and connections. It is supplied in 4 foot lengths or on spools of longer lengths. If a custom length is needed, our Value Added Department is here for you. Specialty protective tubing is also available in Teflon, PVC, Kynar and other materials to fit your needs.


Wire management for routing or concealing is simplified through the use of duct. Wide or narrow slot, rigid or flexible PVC duct may be used with or without covers, and is available in several colors and many combinations of heights and widths. Mounting accessories and tools to ease installation are also available.