DIN Rail, Terminal Blocks and Compatible Products

High/Low Profile, Solid/Perforated, Standard/Reinforced Rail, with All the Assorted Terminal Blocks to Cover Your Needs.

DIN rail is the industry standard for mounting terminal blocks, circuit breakers and other industrial control equipment inside racks. Perforated metal DIN rail has uniformly spaced pre-punched mounting cutouts (commonly 18mm or 25mm long). DIN 1 (“C” shaped—asymmetrical), DIN 2 (“top-hat”—15mm-wide symmetrical) and DIN 3 (“top-hat”—35mm-wide symmetrical) are other names for the rail.

Rail-mountable terminal blocks and accessories come in various colors and standard sizes to meet any application. They are available in either front-entry or top-entry, compact or miniature. Terminal block labeling and marker products are on hand, in both pre-printed and custom text formats check our Value Added services.