Passive and Active Components

Passive: Resistors, Capacitors to Coils and Inductors. Active: Diodes, Transistors.

Passive components do not increase the energy of a circuit. They are most commonly resistors, capacitors, inductor and transformers. Resistors are available in wire-wound, ceramic, carbon comp and carbon film construction. Variable resistors are available as potentiometers, rheostats and trim pots. Other resistors products we carry include thermistors and varistors. Capacitors are available in ceramic, film, electrolytic and mica construction. Inductors are available as air core, iron/ferrite core (including ferrite beads), chokes and transformers. Smaller passive components may be sold individually or in bulk on tape-and-reel spools.

Active components rely on external power and may increase the energy of a circuit. Pilgrim Electronics carries a wide variety of diodes and transistors in stock. Diodes include rectifiers, zener diodes, LED’s (light-emitting diodes) and Schottky diodes. Transistors types include bipolar junction (“standard” NPN and PNP transistors), MOSFET and thyristors.