“I don’t want 1000 pieces; my company will only use 500!” “I need the pieces in bags of 5 for this project.” “It’s a hassle remembering to place a purchase order every month for the same item.” “Time is being wasted kitting these items, and wasted time holds down production.” “My company would have to spend a small fortune in tooling for us to complete these harnesses for our customer.” 

“Customer service” is held in the highest regard by many, many large and small companies. It has been studied, analyzed, and implemented in all the best companies.

Service is a personal matter. It’s impossible to “please all the people all the time.” Some customers value knowledge, some friendliness, some price, some availability, some variety, etc.

What is it that separates great companies from the rest? They ASK their customers what they want. Studying the gathered input from their customers can change the course/approach a company takes.

I have overheard buyers complain of not being able to fulfill a specific need within their company. They ask other buyers or search the Internet. Why don’t they ASK their company’s preferred vendors?

Vendors are committed to helping.

Pilgrim Electronics, Inc. is committed to helping our customers.

  • Is special packaging needed to better suit your needs?
  • Is kitting of items required for your use?
  • Do you want your items scheduled out?
  • Are wires needed at certain lengths? Or stripped?
  • Is a different package size or quantity than normally found from the manufacturer required?

We’re here to serve you and to ask, “What’s important to you?” Seriously, hit reply or call (860) 782-0483 and tell us what’s important to you!

Below is a little acronym we like to use around here of the word ASK:

Allow that we are not mind readers, and cannot know your issues     unless you express them.

State clearly what is needed/expected with a target price. We will do our best to meet and hopefully, beat your target.

Keep it simple. Get it all with “one stop shopping,” saving freight, in-house labor and time, which equals a great deal of money saved.

Pilgrim will make acquiring product more efficient and convenient for you. Give us a call today at (860) 782-0483. We’d love the opportunity to make your life easier and less complicated.


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