Enhancing The Products We Provide To Save You Time and Money.

Value Added Services from Pilgrim Electronics Inc.

At Pilgrim Electronics Inc. we enhance the products we sell. We offer many Value Added services which include harness assemblies, DIN rail assemblies, wire prepping and kitting, custom labeling and inventory management. We currently run and build assemblies for some of the notable manufacturers and customize product for other distributors in New England.

We specialize in “small quantity” assembly work to suit our customer’s requirements. An assembly may be as simple as customizing a sensor provided by you to your print/specifications, or building an entire harness for your machinery.

If you are considering outsourcing any assemblies or looking to have someone monitor and restock inventory please contact us or call for a quote.

Our Value Added Service Benefits You:

  • Lower inventory dollars—product delivered when needed
  • Higher inventory turns
  • No inventory carrying charges
  • Lower transactional cost-reduced handling, fewer purchase orders, reduced number of invoices
  • Increased flexibility—meet your time requirements, satisfy your needs
  • Remove obsolete and scrap inventory—receive assembled or finished goods
  • More real estate—utilize space for other needs
  • Less handling
  • Fewer total transactions—less total cost of acquisition
  • Convenient, fast turnarounds
  • Time savings and increased productivity—handle other productive issues
  • Lower your stress
  • $$Save money$$

Pilgrim Electronics’ capabilities for enhancing the products we sell include a local on-site facility. We are customer-driven, fulfilling your needs and requirements while supporting your operations. Responsiveness to your needs is a priority.

Full List of Our Value Added Services