Wire and Cable

Wire and Cable Available on Spools, in Pull Boxes, or By-the-Foot

Pilgrim Electronics offers a huge selection of wire and cable ready to ship. Hook-up and appliance wire (THHN or TFFN) is small to medium gauge, either solid or stranded insulated wire used in electrical or electronic connections. These wires are available in many colors, by the foot or by the spool. Classifications of wire are important to consider in relation to how you use the wire. Teflon jackets (PTFE/UL1180) are used in high temperature applications, while the properties of a direct burial wire will meet other criteria making it more suitable for burying (underground utilities to dog fencing).

Multi-conductor and multi-paired cables, coax, datacomm and control cables as well as network and telephone cables (shielded and non-shielded) are all in stock ready to meet your specific needs.

Cordage is available at Pilgrim. Do you need cordage for making an extension cord for manufacturing equipment or your personal generator? Give us a call at (860) 782-0483.